How it all started.....

After somewhat years repairing bikes at home, Huib decided in 1996 to make a living out of his hobby. . Hij vond He found a nice building to start in at the Jaagpad in Woerden, but about a year later the building became to small! It was time to move. On to the Ampereweg. But he didn't stay there long. In january 1999 he packed up his stuff again and a shiny new building on the Golf of Biskaye became his new "home".
Customers come from all over the Netherlands, from Groningen till Terneuzen.

He doesn't have many customers from Woerden itself, but on a saturday you find most people in for coffee and a talk.

The big jobs are left to do, but it's nice and cozy in the "praathuis" as he likes to call it. .

De winter months are for the bigger jobs, but in the spring it gets very busy. If the sun so much as peaks out, everybody starts riding. And yes, you know how that goes... "Hmm, it's not starting.. let's go to Huib's!". Quick change of battery, small maintenance and all the other usual " i'll do that in the spring" things.

It then gets so busy that even this place is to small! Again! Huib grew and grew and the business had to move again and since february 2007 the Marconiweg is where you find him nowadays! There is room for a nice decorated shop and lots of space to work in. It looks just fine! You must take a look, you will not be dissapointed!